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Payecoin is listed on BIWIN exchange. (2020/7/27) 

We updated our new 2020 white paper.

We will do best to develop now ongoing business and new business in detail.  (2019/12/29)


On December 13, 2019, we have signed a memorandum of understanding with ABA Global Philippines Inc. under Coexstar, which has got a licence from the central bank of Philippines, to cooperate in the foreign exchange business. This MOU will allow us to participate in the $ 50 trillion foreign currency  exchange transaction made by overseas Filipino workers and in the $ 100 trillion foreign exchange market that occured by tourists to visit major resorts.


We are in business to form a partnership with a overseas resort hotel 

so that pec-holders can exchange money  and use resort auxiliary facilities through pec.

Our business has entered the final stage.

As soon as partnership is formed, we will announce it immediately.

3Bastion pay listed.
Payecoin is listed on BTCEXA  exchange. (2019/7/9)
1Payecoin's smart contract  is available on 9th July. 

We have partnership with Blockshine